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The stakes get higher in #1 NYT bestselling author Anthony Horowitz’s latest masterpiece. As the fourth novel in the spellbinding Gatekeepers series begins, the. Necropolis is a fantasy novel by British writer Anthony Horowitz. It is the fourth novel in his Power of Five series. The book is set in London, Peru, Miami, Ukraine. 14 Jun NECROPOLIS ANTHONY HOROWITZ Anthony Horowitz wrote these series. THE POWER OF FIVE (THE GATEKEEPERS) Groosham Grange.

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There were a few new characters that I really enjoyed reading about in this one. Trivia About Necropolis The G A dream call by Scarlett wakes a dragon a metaphor for a typhoonwhich starts to move towards Hong Kong. May 25, Rogerio rated it really liked it. I reread the first three and just finshed the fourth one, and found that I really liked them again even the third.

I feel happy for them that they found the last gatekeeper named Scarlett, but it is also quite bad for her to be living with a bunch of people that aren’t even people in Hong Kong where the air is polluted and the water is poisoned.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. However her path will not be easy, she is locked down in Hong Kong, soon to be Necropolis, there are eyes everywhere, she is alone, in a city so large no one cares, there is only one path. Scarlett meets the sinister Chairman of Nightrise at The Nail, Nightrise’s Hong Kong headquarters, who gives her an ornate jade necklacewhich is in fact a tracking device.


That is right the City of the Dead. It is a rewrite of the corresponding Day of the Dragonreleased in Horowitz’s Pentagram series. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. What age group is this book most suitable for?

So when she sees Matt in St Meredith’s she follows him through a doorway and finds herself magically in Ukraine. Matt also explained that he knew the Old Ones would think it was amusing to see two of the five Gatekeepers briefly imprisoned in the same room, before they were imprisoned in different rooms in different sides of the world.

Nov 11, Loren rated it really liked it Recommends it for: May 30, Ezra rated it it was amazing. Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. But the problems are just starting This page was last edited on 30 Aprilat I took issue with Scarlett’s power.

Necropolis (Power of Five) by Anthony Horowitz – book review

Books by Anthony Horowitz. The Old ones are luring the other Gatekeepers to Necropolis by holding Scarlett hostage.

Do you really want to delete this prezi? Also I really loved Lohan, he definitely reminded me of Fin Finn? So much blood and death Matt and Jamie travel under the names Martin Hopkins and Nicholas Helsey respectively, their names from the Pentagram series. The characters lack depth, and quite frankly, I didn’t actually care about any of them.


Jun 04, Vanessa Wester rated it really liked it. This book started off quite slowly I think. Will the five gatekeepers come together in time? Meanwhile, Lohan’s men kill all but one of the Old Ones’ agents, who is wounded but hides.

hrowitz Necropolis is a fantasy novel by British writer Anthony Horowitz. Jamie knows that Scott will be able to feel the danger Jamie is in, and that he will try and use the door that leads to the Tai Shan Temple, which will undoubtedly be guarded. It’s kind nrcropolis an odd series. Matt decides that the Five should split up so that the Old Ones cannot capture them all in one shot, and he, Jamie and Richard go to find Scarlett while Pedro and Scott go to the hidden Inca city of Vilcabamba to stay.

Once there Matt lets himself be captured by the Chairman after being betrayed by a despondent Paul Adams, attempting to barter him for Scarlett. However, her father, Paul Adams, stationed at the jetty, finds her and hands her over to the chairman, who recaptures her believing that it will help her, and keeps her at Victoria Prison.